VP Mike Pence refuses to wear mask while visiting clinic. He was the only one (VIDEO)

Vice President Mike Pence visited the Mayo Clinic in Minnesota on Tuesday and despite being told beforehand to wear a mask, he opted not to.

It is the policy of the Mayo Clinic that everyone on campus wear a mask.

Pence was captured on video talking with staff and a patient, and he was the only one not to have his face covered up.

The Mayo Clinic verified on social media that it had informed the VP that he needed to wear a mask, but their tweet was deleted afterwards probably for political/internal reasons.

This isn't too surprising, honestly. While it is embarrassing to see the vice president be the only person in a room not caring about his own and others personal safety, this isn't the first time this has happened.

Pence was caught in a photo greeting Colorado Governor Jared Polis just ten days ago doing the same thing.

Here's more video footage of the incident. Notice how not one other person wasn't caught without a mask.

Does the vice president think he's special?