Video leaks showing Trump didn't even know who General Soleimani was until recently

Back when Donald Trump was still running to be president, he was interviewed on many occasions, proving he had no idea who General Soleimani was.

The video is being spread all over social media.

When Trump appeared on The Hugh Hewitt Show back in 2015, he was asked about Soleimani, and when told that he "runs the Quds Forces," Trump thought the interviewer said "Kurds." He had to be corrected. Apparently, Trump hadn't studied his foreign policy materials before deciding to run for the most difficult job in the world.

He even had to be told about the man. Hugh Hewitt spelled it out simply for him: "Soleimani is to terrorism what Trump is to real estate."

Trump started to get a little irritated even, saying him being questioned about the "players" on the world stage, was sort of like "gotcha questions."

Trump then said his lack of knowledge about the players wasn't important.

Trump: Those are like history questions. Do you know this one? Do you know that one?

Hugh: I don't believe in gotcha questions. I'm not trying to you know, quiz you on this.

Trump: Well, this is a gotcha question, though, I mean, you're asking me about who's running this, this, this. That's not - that is not - I will be so good at the military your head will spin.

Now - fast forward four years - Trump has decided to kill Soleimani - and it's repercussions are going to be felt soon enough.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei is vowing "harsh revenge."

Reports out on Saturday indicate that the country has already stepped up its readiness to launch short and medium-range ballistic missiles.

The paranoia has gotten so out of hand that young adults all over the United States are worried they will have to go to war. The Selective Service website, where people are supposed to register, has crashed. Even though it is back up and running, it's still extremely slow in loading.

There's a reason Soleimani wasn't taken out before - it was a surefire way to escalate tensions with Iran. Now, Trump, a guy who didn't even know who he was until recently, is close to getting America into another long and protracted conflict in the Middle East. Trump recently claimed he was tired of America's endless wars, but this is just more of the same.