Trump tells African-Americans unhappy with slave owner monuments: 'You have to learn' history (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump appeared in a special interview with Fox News' Brian Kilmeade from inside the White House on Sunday evening. One thing they talked about was the protesters who are unhappy with monuments of Confederate leaders still being allowed to stay standing.

When Kilmeade asked Trump what he would like to say to African-Americans whose ancestors were enslaved, Trump replied that they need to 'learn history.'

Here is Trump's entire answer:

"My message is that we have a great country, we have the greatest country on Earth. We have a heritage, we have a history and we should learn from the history, and if you don’t understand your history, you will go back to it again. You will go right back to it. You have to learn. Think of it, you take away that whole era and you’re going to go back to it sometime. People won’t know about it. They’re going to forget about it. It’s okay.

Now what I do like, I like the idea of building new statues to people, to great people. People that have done something. And I think that’s okay.

But you don’t want to take away our heritage and history and the beauty, in many cases, the beauty, the artistic beauty. Some of the sculptures and some of this work is some of the great — you can go to France, you can go anywhere in the world and you will never see more magnificent work. And that’s a factor. It’s not the biggest factor but it’s a factor."

The two men also talked about life in the White House, and other interesting facts about former presidents living there.