Trump takes a cheap shot at Secretary Mattis while roaming the dark halls of the White House

President Donald Trump is alone without his family in the White House.

Several reports coming out have him sitting by himself watching television all day, getting angrier and angrier as the stock market hits a decade low.

The government is partially shut down, with no end in sight, and here's the latest: Trump decides to take a random cheap shot in the middle of the night via Twitter at Defense Secretary Mattis who announced his resignation just days ago.

He must have nothing else to do on a Saturday night inside that huge White House that he was elected by the people to live in for the last two years. Someone, take his phone away.

Now - it's very evident that Trump is attacking his sitting Defense Secretary, who isn't supposed to leave until the end of February. That's without question. Trump claims Mattis never had any resources to give him, though? He was virtually the most respected general in his administration and now that he's gone, people are concerned no one will be left to place a check on the president or give him balance.

He also claims they had an "interesting relationship." What's with this?

Keep in mind: Trump praised Mattis initially and said he was "retiring" but we had a suspicion that wasn't true after Mattis's resignation letter made its rounds through the media.

It wasn't a very good letter for Trump, even though Mattis tried his best to use respectful language.

Mattis basically claimed that Trump's position in Syria and Afghanistan wasn't one he could personally carry out or agree with and that he believed it was hurting America's allies while strengthening our enemies.

Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell released a statement of his own stating that he sides with Mattis on this one, and that the next Secretary of Defense needs to have a worldview just like Mattis.

Expect more negative comments directed towards Mattis by Trump, but this is the first time the president has openly attacked him in such a vicious way.