Trump asks that you give him just 20 minutes to fix America's problems (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump says it takes just twenty minutes to fix America's problems, key among them the immigration issue down at the border.

Talk about hyperbole.

He made the comment while referencing how bad he thought Democrats in Congress were, saying the United States has the worst laws of any country, anywhere in the world. That's also another big statement, on its own.

"We're fighting the bad laws. We're fighting the bad laws coming out of Congress. You know, you have a democratic Congress that's obstructing. You want to talk about obstruction? The greatest obstruction anyone's ever seen. All you have to do is spend twenty minutes and we can fix this whole problem."

We understand Trump's frustration, but first, let's not forget that Republicans held both the House of Representatives and the Senate during Trump's first two years. You can't ask for much more than that politically, and they, as a party, weren't able to "fix this problem" as Trump so eloquently puts it now.

Now Trump in an effort to have a quick fix, just fired his Department of Homeland Security, Kirstjen Nielsen, and today, Acting Deputy Secretary Claire Grady announced her resignation, too.

The truth is, there's not a quick fix for this. Trump wants to build a wall and his own party is even making that difficult for him to do. Trump's effort to shut down the government for three weeks is also more evidence that the country is not aligned with his twenty-minute solution.