Trump will not be unveiling Obama's official White House portrait says report

According to several people familiar with the matter, and verified by NBC News, President Trump will not be unveiling former President Barack Obama's official White House portrait.

This has been a tradition that has surpassed partisan divides for decades. A sitting president is supposed to unveil a former president's portrait and host it inside the White House. George W. Bush did it for Bill Clinton, and Obama did it for Bush, and so on. That tradition may finally be coming to an end unless more mature minds come together.

If Trump is re-elected, Obama may not come to the White House until 2025 given the current political climate between Trump and him.

To be fair: Obama probably doesn't want to attend the event with Trump there. Republican blogs are spinning this and claiming it's Obama's fault for not wanting to go.

The details of Obama's painting are a tightly held secret until the ceremony so nobody knows what it looks like yet, at least not publicly. The nation is eagerly awaiting to see his legacy be placed in the White House alongside every other American president in history. A survey of presidential historians ranked Obama as the 12th best president so far. That's not too shabby considering he's competing with the likes of Abraham Lincoln and George Washington.

Since Trump has been in office he has skipped many presidential customs including the White House Correspondents' Association Dinner, a place where Obama once publicly humiliated Trump in-person for his "birther conspiracy." Perhaps that wound still cuts deep.