Trump now think mail-in voting is good - in Florida

After months of constant railing against mail-in voting, calling it "fraud" and "rigged", Trump has just done a 180 and now thinks mail-in voting is good. But only in Florida. It could have something to do with the high number of seniors in Florida.

As Cody Fenwick of AlterNet reported, President Donald Trump and his allies have been waging a disinformation campaign about mail-in voting, aggressively trying to delegitimize the practice that has a history in the United States dating back to the Civil War. The plan seems to be to lay the groundwork for challenging mail-in votes or stopping them from being counted if it looks like he’s ahead with in-person ballots on Election Day.

But on Tuesday afternoon, the president suddenly changed his tune on the matter in one key state: Florida. He sent the following tweet:

The tweet references a dubious distinction that Trump has himself been trying to draw between absentee and mail-in ballots. In many jurisdictions, they’re the same thing, though absentee ballots can refer  to a subset of mail-in ballots that require the voter to provide an excuse for not voting in person, such as being out of town on Election. But any concerns about mail-in ballots would apply to absentee ballots, so the president’s attempt to draw a distinction makes little sense.

It made even less sense in Florida — where, as it happens, the president voted by mail under suspicious circumstances — because Florida doesn’t have a special category of “absentee” ballots. Anyone who wants to vote by mail can do so.

So why has the president changed his tune and given the green light to mail-in voting in Florida? MSNBC’s Chris Hayes had a plausible answer:

Brian Beutler, Editor in Chief of Crooked Media added:

NPR reported on Monday, that Joe Biden’s prospects in Florida look promising. If Trump loses there, he’s almost certainly lost the entire race.

…Biden has gone from a 49% to 48% polling advantage in early February to  50% to 44%, with some reputable surveys showing Biden with a double-digit lead. This is one state we expect to snap back to toss-up, but right now it’s leaning in Biden’s direction.