Trump just charged Obama with the 'biggest political crime in American history' on Mothers Day

President Trump is now directly accusing former President Obama of committing a crime, a big one he claims.

“The biggest political crime in American history, by far!” the president wrote on Sunday above a conservative talk show host's claim that Barack Obama “used his last weeks in office to target incoming officials and sabotage the new administration."


Throughout the rest of the day, Trump continued to mouth off things like "OBAMAGATE!"

Trump must not have liked Obama's comment on Saturday, just one day before the blowup, calling his administration's response to Covid-19 a 'chaotic disaster.'

While Trump did voice his opinion, he didn't spend much time going over any facts, choosing instead to outsource that crucial duty to television pundits, not actual prosecutors or lawyers.

Obama did, however, spend some time speaking about why he thought the Trump administration was making a bad mistake.

“There is no precedent that anybody can find for somebody who has been charged with perjury just getting off scot-free,” Mr. Obama said in reference to the Department of Justice allowing Trump aide Michael Flynn off the hook for lying to the FBI.

While he did have his criticisms of Trump, most of his message was positive.

“This election that’s coming up on every level is so important because what we’re going to be battling is not just a particular individual or a political party,” Mr. Obama said.

“What we’re fighting against is these long term trends where being selfish, being tribal, being divided and seeing others as an enemy. That has become a stronger impulse in American life. And by the way we’re seeing that internationally as well.”

“It’s part of the reason why the response to this global crisis has been so anemic and spotty,” Mr. Obama continued. “It would have been bad even with the best of governments. It has been an absolute chaotic disaster when that mind-set — of ‘what’s in it for me’ and ‘to heck with everybody else’ — when that mind-set is operationalized in our government.”

Throughout the entire day, Trump managed just one message about Mothers Day. It was obvious he continued to watch television late into the evening because he couldn't stop talking about CBS and the show 60 Minutes.

"CBS and their show, 60Minutes, are doing everything within their power, which is far less today than it was in the past, to defend China and the horrible Virus pandemic that was inflicted on the USA and the rest of the World. I guess they want to do business in China!"