Trump confronted about firing the 'pandemic response' team in 2018. He blames the person behind him (VIDEO)

President Donald Trump was questioned about his administration's decision to disband the official pandemic office in 2018 in a Q&A with reporters in front of the Rose Garden of the White House.

Trump refuses to take responsibility for it. He blames the people who work for him for making that decision - not himself.

This has already been fact-checked by Snopes. It's true. So, Trump can't call it Fake News.

The officials he fired were experts with decades of experience in dealing with issues like we are today. And, what's more, Trump and his administration did nothing to replace them. He simply got rid of the positions in the federal government.

Today, Trump stood behind that podium, looked behind his shoulder, and looked for someone else to take responsibility. That certainly isn't the kind of president America wants or needs.

Trump told the reporter: "I think that's a nasty question."

He went on: "I didn't do it. We have a group of people. I don't know anything about it."

Trump acted like he was being questioned about Stormy Daniels. When shit hits the fan, he simply has no recollection of anything.

MSNBC national correspondent Chris Jansing said afterwards:

"I spent two and a half years covering the WH. MANY press conferences. Reporters’ microphones were never cut off.  But today they were - repeatedly - when tough follow up questions were asked. So obvious."