The Trump family is harassing a female reporter for taking off her face mask (VIDEO)

The gossip of President Donald Trump's re-election campaign is kicking into full gear.

On Sunday, Eric Trump started harassing CNN reporter Kaitlan Collins for taking off her face mask, accusing her of only doing so because the cameras were off.

A review of the video showed her taking it off but only for a short period of time. It's unclear why she removed the mask.

After the younger Trump started first talking about it, President Trump himself weighed in referring to her as "A CNN Faker!"

Kaitlin Collins herself noticed this ridicule of her online and responded in eloquent fashion, saying the mask was only off for about six seconds or so.

We doubt the Trump's reviewed the footage themselves but someone on the Trump team must have thought this was a major enough incident to pass along to the boss. It also looks like Republican blogs are running wild with this.

A likely scenario: Collins is being attacked for this minor incident because she has asked Trump very pointed questions during official White House press briefings lately, questions that he would have preferred not to answer. On one occasion he even walked away from her instead of answering.