Loud explosions over the White House - Trump hiding inside bunker as people run for cover (VIDEO)

It's hard to explain exactly everything that is happening at and around the White House right now. People are reporting explosions and uploading videos from their smartphones to describe the chaos, while running away from the scene.

It is also being reported that President Trump may be in a bunker right now as all the lights are out inside the White House.

The Associated Press reported that Trump definitely retreated to the bunker on Friday night due to the protests so it's extremely likely given tonight's explosion that's also the case.

People are also saying that there is a lot of smoke visible over Trump's residence.

MSNBC is covering the event and there is coverage of "explosions, fires," and a "reporter being hit."

The George Floyd protests have appeared to escalate even further than what they were on Saturday night, which were also very violent.

We are searching frantically for more information as the breaking news reports come in. For some reason, the lights on the outside of the White House are not coming on while all of this is happening.

Some are calling this a "war zone."

There are also fires spreading to the trees in front of the White House.

A helicopter with coverage of Washington D.C. from above captured how bad the situation is.

The more we watch how bad the situation is on the ground, the likelier it is that President Trump and his family are indeed in the bunker. The guardhouse in front of the White House has been set on fire. The police are now gassing the crowd in an attempt to hold them back.

Something like this has rarely, if ever, happened in America's history. Trump is losing re-election by the minute as all this occurs.

We will provide updates.