Fmr Chairman of the Joint Chiefs speaks out against Trump for the first time ever: 'I can't remain silent'

Former Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman Mike Mullen, the highest-ranking and most senior military officer in the United States Armed Forces and principal military advisor to the President, is now speaking out against Trump for the first time since leaving his post.

Mullen wrote a very critical and rare op-ed in the Atlantic on Tuesday saying that he was "sickened" to his stomach by what he saw on Monday, when Trump "forcibly and violently" cleared a path outside the White House so he could visit at St. John's Church on foot for a photo-op.

"Whatever Trump's goal in conducting his visit, he laid bare his disdain for the rights of peaceful protest in this country, gave succor to the leaders of other countries who take comfort in our domestic strife, and risked further politicizing ... our armed forces."

Mullen thinks that it was a mistake for Trump to use our military and National Guard in an "overly aggressive" way.

He went on: "I remain confident in the professionalism of our men and women in uniform. They will serve with skill and with compassion. They will obey lawful orders. But I am less confident in the soundness of the orders they will be given by this commander in chief, and I am not convinced that the conditions on our streets, as bad as they are, have risen to the level that justifies a heavy reliance on military troops. Certainly, we have not crossed the threshold that would make it appropriate to invoke the provisions of the Insurrection Act."

He ended his op-ed by calling what Trump did a "stunt." He also insinuated that Trump wasn't a real leader.

You can read his entire letter here.